DVD Review: The Least Among You

Horrible boring movie - apart from the fact it was very drawn out, and dull, the message was mixed and one-sided. Inconsistencies in the filming - whoever heard of Christians in a theological seminary fighting or teachers in said seminary smoking? There was lots of attitude shooting around, lots of unfair angles and biases.

I would not recommend this movie. My husband and I were disgusted with it and felt it a real waste of time and energy even watching it. Yes it deals with the ever so sensitive issue of racism in a time when it was strong and it's great that perhaps because of what that guy did that it means fairer education - however this movie was not a great depiction of that in my opinion.

Boring, dull... save your money and your time.

Please Note: Booksneeze provided me with a complimentary copy of this DVD to review. This review is my own and not influenced by anyone else.