Review of 'Your Money Map' by Howard Dayton

This book is fantastic! I highly recommend this one!  I just read it from cover to cover and literally devoured the contents.  As a fan of Dave Ramsey's books, I was wondering, how this would fit in with that and to be honest, it goes hand in hand.  Dave Ramsey is even quoted in there.  Considering most people in the USA are in extreme debt these days - this is an important book full of practical steps to help you get out of it!

The book is built around a map called 'Your Money Map' and referred to as the 'Destination Map' also.  On the map it has seven different points on your journey to financial freedom.  There is a section with further chapters on each of these destinations.  On the actual map each destination also has things within it to be checked off also as you accomplish them.  I love how this is a visual journey  - I personally find that very helpful.

The sections are very easy to read.  It follows a couple struggling financially who asked Howard and his wife Bev for help and advice after witnessing them purchase a car with cash.  Basically Howard takes the reader through all the steps relating them to this couple but also to the reader. It's a great format and makes it very simple to understand being written like this.  Howard provides the charts and worksheets necessary for each step. They are included in the book or you can also download them for free from the compass money map website.  I completed the worksheets as I read through the book and found them very helpful and added to the process enormously.

He discusses all areas of finances in this book, from savings and income to investments, savings, retirement, credit cards and consumer debt, mortgages etc.

I am very excited to present this book and the principles I've learned to my husband in hopes that we can take up these things in our own situation.  One thing that I loved about this book is the grounding in scripture.  It is very powerful to realize how much of God's plan for us is wound up in how we use and deal with our money.  So many people are so chained up with this area of life and this book really does provide helpful answers. It won't be easy to get out of debt but the reward of financial freedom will make it all worthwhile in the end.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for my review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.