Review Of Beyond Cinderella by Nita Tucker

Really enjoyed this book. Even though it was written in the late 80s it was still very relevant today in sections - as the situation has only escalated now to what it was then of singles just not meeting up. I read it because I'm interested to see what others are saying about this topic and what advice they give. (It is aimed at women obviously by the title)

Basically it encourages singles that if they want to get married - that we no longer live in the day where it just happens anymore - it used to be like that but now because of the changes in society and culture we can no longer sit round and expect a person to drop into our lives especially in 20s and 30s when we no longer have the social life we had when a teenager at school etc.

It was a very positive book - which I really appreciated a lot. It had a lot of really good advice about things to look at in yourself also....making sure in relationships that you empower the other person and always focus on their strengths, it looks at the ways we can sabotage relationships without realising it..... yeh this book, tho dated in parts is well worth the read.

On thinking as to whether it could be updated, I actually don't think it can. Her advice and suggestions by way of assignments she gives you to do (which is like a plan of action) wouldn't really work as they are in this day and age and I've been thinking for the last few days about how it could be updated and I keep hitting a brick wall.

However theres still a wealth of great stuff in there that will enhance your life and challenge some of your perspectives and expectations on relationships and equip you to be a much better partner - seeking the best for the man you are with.

I highly recommend it.