Review Of 'The Elemental Journal' by Tammy Kushnir

I was so excited to receive this book as I'm a highly creative person and try my hand at anything creatively inclined. On receiving this book the first thing that struck me was it's design - it is a beautiful book!  With a matte style cover fantastically designed - it appealed to the creative in me.

However on looking through this book, none of the projects appealed to me at all. To me they all seemed messy and slightly juvenile - I guess I'm just not into using old rubbish and stuff to make things with.  The author mentions collecting things like rusty items, broken jewellery, old rubber, tree bark, twigs etc to create with.  In saying that I have seen things made by others with similar type items that I really like but nothing appealed to my creativity in this one.

Aside from this, I must say though that the book is well laid out and the instructions are all step by step illustrated so I'm sure it would be very easy to follow for anyone wishing to make any of the projects in there.  I guess in the end it's just not my style but if you think you're interested check out the projects first and the photos to see if any appeal to you as they are rather unique.

Please Note: Booksneese provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review. This review is my own and not influenced by anyone else.