Review of Ecoholic (when you're addicted to the planet) by Adria Vasil

I picked this book up from the library yesterday and could barely put it down!   What a fantastic book of pretty much everything you need to know in one place!  I found this book incredibly thorough, interesting and insightful and definitely recommend this to everyone!  It is a MUST READ!

Adria Vasil goes through every single aspect of our homes and lives analysing the things we use and come into contact with, giving relevant statistics and interesting background data.  Links to safe alternatives are given for every thing also - which I love.  It goes through everything room by room even down to details like makeup, nail polish, tooth paste etc

I never thought about shoes and the glue on them being a chemical toxin, she also talks about fabrics on furniture, food storage,  all the major food groups and what really happens along with safe alternatives, pet care, cars, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, floristry.  I had no idea with half of this - it really shows how much I just assume things are safely made for us to use.  The sad truth is we are the guinea pigs as most things are not tested.

I am SO glad I read this book and will be buying it to refer to in the future.  It is a wealth of important information that everyone should be aware of.