Review of The Healing Miracle Of Coconut Oil by Bruce Fife ND

I got this book out of the library because my curiosity on this topic had recently been peaked in some groups I'm a part of where people started talking about the benefits of Coconut Oil.  I started my own research online and was uncovering all sorts of extremely interesting information about this and stumbled across this book.

This book is again a must have for anybody who cares about their health and that of their family as this is something pertinent to anyone particularly in the Western world.    I found this book incredibly scientific and well researched and also well sourced, very thoroughly in all those areas.  I was drawn in from the first anecdote of the story of a man with HIV given only a short time to live who went to South Africa as part of a final trip to do things he'd always wanted to do and while there was given hot coconut every meal by Indians and long story short - he recovered! He gained weight and the HIV plummeted to undetectable levels! Wow.

He goes on to share about research done on people living in the South Pacific and their traditional diet consisting highly of coconut and how the western diet coming in has affected them and brought on them sickness they never had before.   That on their traditional diet they enjoyed health free of aches and apins and free of degenerative diseases that plague the rest of the world.

Going against the lies we have been brainwashed with by companies motivated by greed he tells us that coconut oil is great for your heart and it protects you, it doesn't affect cholesterol and all and is not stored in your body as fat - it actually increases your metabolism!

I was most shocked at the information on vegetable oils and information such as this: polyunsaturated oils suppress the immune system making us more vulnerable to disease and premature aging. Also killing white blood cells. Hydrogenated oils are in everything and are one of the most destructive food additives there is.  That any polyunsaturated vege oil becomes toxic when heated.  This kind of information is scary because it shows there really is no one out there looking out for us to protect our food sources etc.

According to Fife saturated fats ie coconut oil, are the only fats that are safe to heat and cook with.

He then went on to talk about how coconut fights infections of all kinds viral, bacterial, parasitical. And there are literally lists of things that coconut oil helps/heals.

It is incredibly safe even for newborn babies.

So to sum it all up - if you can replace all oils in your diet with coconut oil and find ways to use fresh or dried coconut or coconut milk in your diet - you will benefit and protect your heart and your health.  Make sure the coconut oil is cold pressed virgin coconut oil also.

I'm going to buy this book. The information in it is just too important and I don't want to forget it.  I definately recommend you to read this one!