Review of Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender

I just finished this book and I might add I could hardly put it down, it was really well laid out and very very interesting. After reading 'The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning 2nd Edition' first (which I also HIGHLY recommend), this followed on perfectly giving further information on different things - breaking down the detoxing of your home room by room. The orderlyness of this book really appealed to my organisation side as it makes the whole process of greening your house not so overwhelming as there are check lists for each room - so you could proceed to do each room as you feel inclined and feel you have done a thorough job. 

I particularly was interested in the information on how indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor - in fact my husband and I sell Roboclean for this purpose to wash the air inside the home. Unfortunately the author obviously doesn't know about Roboclean when writing the book or I'm sure it would have been in there as a solution to indoor air pollution. (It's a fantastic product so definitely look out for it or get in touch with me and I'll tell you more!) 

I enjoyed all the natural recipes in there which appear actually do-able for me as the ingredients aren't too far fetched, or requiring extra trips to the grocery store. 

Most of all I just liked the fact this book make me think about the things in my home I may overlook or not even consider as being dangerous to my health etc. I definitely recommend it! I borrowed it to read from the library but will definitely be buying this one!