Review of 'Slow Death By Rubber Duck' by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie

This book is full of eye opening, shocking facts and information regarding what we are marinating in day in day out.  A must read for everyone. Here's some points I got out of it:

'A child born today faces high odds of developing at least one or more of the following ailments: ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, diabetes, obesity, childhood and pubertal cancer, abnormal genitalia development, infertility, breast and prostate cancer, parkinsons, alzheimers.  All of these are linked with prenatal exposure to toxic chemicals' page IX

In 2007 4.1 billion pounds of toxic chemicals were released into the US environment

Pthalates (ie any kind of synthetic fragrance in anything, in toys, furniture etc) causes demasculisation in baby boys and the higher the pthalate level in the mother (ie if she uses lots of makeup, lotions etc) the more likely her son will show signs of pthalate syndrome.

Flame retardants are in most furniture, curtains etc.  The chemicals leach out of these continuously and become part of the dust in our home that we breathe in.

Microban and Triclosan - same thing = Bad!

Mercury is in all fish now along with other chemicals as it's all in the water they live in.

Pesticides attack the neurons in the brain.  Damage can occur when the infant brain is developing but may not be seen till adolescence or adulthood.

Bisphenol A (BPA) has been known to screw up the human body for 70 years and yet it's used more and more in everything!  Exposure to BPA can cause damage to multiple generations at a time.  It increases susceptibility to prostate cancer in certain condition. It is linked to breast cancer in low doses and also genital problems.

BPA is in:  plastic, cds, dvds, water bottles, water glasses, eye glasses, kitchen appliances, utensils for kitchen, faces of laptop and mobile, coating around wire piping, dental fillings, interior lining of every can.  Also found in water!  Ink in newspapers contain BPA so using recycled products  gives you a higher dose of BPA because of that.

This book is written by two guys who in many cases actually test it on themselves just to see how easy it builds up in the body. BPA was the quickest and scariest to build up and considering it leaves the body fairly quickly the writers concluded we must be marinating in it to keep levels up so high as the average persons levels of BPA are exceptionally high.

They give a lot of links and sources at the back of the book which is helpful.

I got a lot of useful information out of this book and enjoyed its presentation - easy to read.  Highly recommend this to everyone concerned for their health and the generations after as you can make a difference now.