Review Of 'God's Love Letters To You' by Larry Crabb

As a long time fan of Larry Crabb - particularly his book 'Finding God', I was interested to see what this book was like.  On receiving this book today I just HAVE to comment on the texture of the cover - what a beautiful book and the feel of it is very unique, the design is very creative too (and yes I do judge a book by their covers because I love good graphic design!).  It's not an overly thick book either for those of you who prefer quicker reads or maybe fear big books.

Basically this is laid out over 40 days and for each day is just a verse, a thought, a reflection and a prayer. I love this!  It's very succinct and to the point, quick and easy to fit into busy schedules and gives you the opportunity to apply the days thought to your life that day.  It does a skip hop in order through the books of the bible, one per day though obviously skipping some.  I particularly like how the thought to go with the scripture is Dr Crabb's interpretation of what God would be saying through this scripture to us this day.  It makes God personal to the reader and it encourages and inspires and directs the inspiration of the verse, training the reader in searching out scriptures for what God would say to them personally.

Great book and this would also make a wonderful gift.  I recommend this!

Please Note: Booksneeze provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review.  This review is my own and not influenced by anyone else.