Review of Green for Life 200 Simple Eco Ideas For Every Day by Gillian Deacon

This is a really easy and interesting book to read.  Loved the ideas and layout of this one.  Basically she goes through the every day things you do in life per chapter titled 'How to...'  eg How to Make Dinner, How to Have a picnic, How to do laundry, how to buy a car, how to decorate your house etc.  In each chapter she talks about the problems with commonly used things environmentally and health wise and gives green options that are safe and non toxic often providing website addresses.

I got a lot of new information from this book. I have been reading many books of this type and this book echoed many of the same things but also gave new ideas and as mentioned above it was just so easy to read.  She gave good information on non toxic processes in home renovations such as removing paint without using chemicals, natural cures for lice instead of the neuro toxic ones prescribed that have been proved to not work!

I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.