Review of 'The Self Sufficientish Bible' by Andy and Dave Hamilton

I got this out of the library to check it out and wow this is a must buy book!  I LOVE the way it is presented - fantastic graphic design work throughout which makes the book even more attractive.  The content is fantastic.  There are some real gems in there that I haven't found in any other book such as the writers own personal remedies and recipes and tidbits. I love it!

The only thing I was a little disappointed with but then you can't expect every book to cover everything - they were purely dealing on the eco side of things but didn't really deal with the chemical side of things that hurt your health. So some things they had on their lists of recommendations are not safe. For example they recommend recycled paper things - however I have been recently reading that recycled paper is even worse than normal paper for BPA's (Bisphenol A's) because newspaper ink is high in BPAs it means when it is all recycled together it's an even stronger dose of BPA in your toilet paper or whatever which gets into your body and causes all sorts of horrible things.  They had a project using newspaper to make seedling planters which is a fantastic idea but I guess knowing about the BPA in the ink... which would go in the soil your plant is growing in and you will eventually eat... I probably wouldn't do that and stick to something like ceramic/stainless steel or glass to be safe as they don't leach chemicals.
Also in one activity involved using PVC piping and PVC is the most dangerous plastic on the planet and we're meant to be eliminating that as much as possible from our environment.

That is the only angle really that I felt missing but I'm willing to overlook that because I have read other books and know about it.   And besides that is only a fairly small part of it. This book is such a wealth of fantastic ideas and information that I can't wait to get my own copy and try many of the recipes/ideas etc in there.