Review of "A Place Called Blessing" by John Trent

A heartwarming, emotive story that brings tears to the eyes on many occasions.  It's based on events from John Trent's life but is a fictional story.  It's well written and an easy read for sure.

It brings to light the whole area of orphaned children.... following the life of one neglected kid as he struggles through the system being misunderstood and therefore cast aside.  Something also that stood out to me is how vital childhood is to us as adults and how every childhood experience shapes us, shapes our fears and insecurities for our entire life.

This is a beautiful story of forgiveness, of Christians showing God's love and reaching out to another enabling that person to have a life that would never have been possible if not for the intervention and persistance of those Christians. 

It is a little predictable but the twist in the end, though a little far fetched is a big surprise and pulls the whole thing together in a way you wouldn't have expected.  The book ends with a discussion section too, with a few questions for each chapter if you want to study this theme further or read it as a group.

Please Note: Booksneeze provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review. This review is my own and not influenced by anyone else.