Review of 'Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord' by Dave Stone

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. WOW!  What a wealth of wisdom and practical advice that rings so true.  I saw pretty much all of this in my own parents and upbringing so can totally verify his words to be right on.

Dave covers so many important areas in this book. This is definitely a book I will go back to. Here is what I got out of it:

Our Children are more likely to love the Lord if we do.  They can spot hypocrisy a mile off.  Be genuine in your faith, be consistent. They will watch you.  Do what you say you are going to do.

Be clear about your priorities and the priorities of your home. To serve God and love God and put God first in everything.  Successful parenting is when your children can follow God's leading. It's not whether they succeed in college or jobs and if you put that as the priority over their relationship with God, then they will pursue that instead of Him.

Prayer is the most important thing we can do in life.  Talk to God in front of them and in daily activities involve them in praising God and referring to Him in situations.  Teach them by example to pray for people around you.  Pray together before school and before bed.

Read them stories from the Bible but as you do be aware that you don't want them to just know the story of Daniel for example.  You want to raise up a Daniel...or an Esther etc.

Teach them scripture at bedtime - display scripture around the home. Have memory verses.  Read the Bible yourself so they see you. It shows it really is important.

Be consistent in your expectations of them and in your discipline.  Teach them to obey the first time, not the third or fifth. They need consequences if not obeying the first time.  Train them this from toddlers.

Have a close bond/consistent relationship with your children.  Then they will be more willing to accept discipline. Where there is no relationship there is rebellion.

Make your home a calm, safe place for them.  Not busy rushing here and there to lots of activities all the time.  A family in chaos creates instability and insecurity in children.  Eat meals together.

Affirm them.  Offer them back to God. Pray for them.

Teach them to focus on others by choosing one member of the family as the special one. Pray for that member and thank God for them and then name a fruit of the spirit that they have seen in them...all input into this.

The Goal of motherhood is to be a woman of God. Then you can truly impart into your children from your supply.

Dads need to love mom and treat her special, romance her and love her in front of the children. Children feel safe and loved when they see this.  Keep arguments and disputes private.

Teach respect. Children need to look into people's eyes when they speak to them.  Serve others.  Honor others.

Make memories with each child. They'll remember them.  Encourage them.

Your childrens friendships will determine the direction of their faith... so surround them with quality christian role models and others demonstrating faith and love of God.

Be available for your children, before your schedule. They are the most important before work and other things.


Please note: Booksneeze sent me a copy of this book for review.  This review is not influenced by anyone else, it is my own.