Review of 'Mondays With My Old Pastor' by Jose Luis Navajo

I had a feeling this book would hold a wealth of wisdom and be a true treasure just by the name, but nothing prepared me for how heartfelt and compelling this book would become.  I felt like I too went on a journey with the writer into the depths of his old pastor's wisdom.  I loved the writing style - very easy to read and very enjoyable.  

It says on the back of the book that it will reignite your soul and usually I would read that and think it's just clever wording and marketing but truly this book did reignite my soul, I feel so blessed to have read it and know that the truths revealed in this book will not leave me for a long time.  Such wealth is found   in this older faithful man of God and it's a shame more books like this aren't written to keep and protect these valuable pearls for future generations as these are things learned through the fires of experience.  I feel privileged to have a glimpse into it in this situation.

The book is about a pastor who is disillusioned who starts visits each Monday with his old pastor.  These visits change his world.  His old pastor is the most interesting person full of interesting, pertinent stories with messages and just so in love with God.  Each chapter is a Monday visit and lesson.  The style in which this is written is just beautiful.  I highly recommend this book - a valuable treasure to help you through the storms of life.

Please note: Booksneeze sent me a copy of this book for review.  This review is not influenced by anyone else, it is my own.