Review Of Running For My Life by Lopez Lomong

This book, though simply written drew me in from the start and I literally didn't put the book down till I finished it hours later.  Such a heart warming, interesting story with a happy ending!

It tells the story of Lopepe in a small village in Africa who was taken by rebel soldiers from his family at the age of six.  Without wanting to include too many spoilers in my review, I can say he experiences many miracles, along with choosing the right attitude for survival.  He is one of the lost boys of Sudan - they are children that were taken from parents and ended up under the protection of the United Nations in refugee camps.  There are many of them there.

Interesting also, as I read, to keep in mind - he was only born in 1985, these things are very recent - it isn't a tale from long ago and yet parts of it make you feel like it was.   The fact his village has no electricity or water supply or hospital or anything like that - still... with all the aid that goes into Africa, with all the technology these days. Amazing.  Interesting to read of his transition to America and not even knowing how to turn off a light switch or use a bathroom.
I have so much respect for couples like the Rogers that have fostered so many of these boys and given them a chance at life that they never would have had if they were left in Africa.

Truly inspirational story.  Lopez and the other lost boys rescued by Americans truly are proud to be called Americans and for all that America has given them.  I only wish I'd read this before the London 2012 Olympics as would have loved to have followed him there, I will be looking out for him at future Olympics however.

I recommend this book.  Not only does it inadvertantly educate on the current situation in Africa, it tells a really inspirational 'rags to riches' story.  I enjoyed it.

Please note: Booksneeze sent me a copy of this book for review.  This review is not influenced by anyone else, it is my own.