Review of The Christian Mama's Guide to Baby's First Year by Erin Macpherson

Wow this book really turned out to be something completely different from what I expected.  In my 8th month of pregnancy devouring all types of books full of useful info, I expected to flick through this and glean the gems I need and move on.  However from the first sentence Erin drew me in to the point that I was unable to put the book down and read the entire thing from beginning to end in one sitting (over a few hours I might add).  I love her candid writing style,  many times I was literally crying with laughter and had to go out and share scenarios with my husband who heard my outbursts.  

As a first time mum to be I found the book really interesting and helpful and was able to glean a lot from her experience.  There were sections where she would sum up other popular books around at the moment ie such as getting baby to sleep, which I thought were very helpful.   This is a book for now,  I do feel it will date as she refers to and recommends things that are popular or known about now but will no doubt be superceded at some stage in the near future - but that's fairly unavoidable really.

She has some really great ideas in here too - things to do with baby to get out of the house etc.  It's not so much a book you go to for really important decisions or research on issues etc,  more a heartfelt book from a mother's perspective sharing her advice based on experience.   This book is a light, easy and entertaining read.  I recommend it!

Please note: Booksneeze sent me a copy of this book for review.  This review is not influenced by anyone else, it is my own.