Review of 'The Passionate Mom' by Susan Merrill

Susan Merrill has an easy to read, relatable style that I enjoyed in this book.  Looking at Nehemiah's example she broke down aspects of his character and related it to being a mom.  The breakdown, to me, was okay, however I felt it was very filled out when the same thing could have been said in a lot less words. The points made were very similar, I'm surprised she could get a whole book out of them.   Aside from Nehemiah, the book revolves about Merrill's personal stories taken from her family experiences which do back up what is being said but get tedious in their regularity throughout. I just wanted the book to move a lot faster, make the points and move on.  

I do love her commitment to her family and the principles in this book are excellent.    Nothing new information wise in here, but always great to be reminded of such things, not getting so caught up in life that you forget to be attentive being one of the points made among many others.  I love how she seeks to do everything keeping God in the centre with her family.

Overall I feel this book is okay but I wouldn't go so far as to say it is a 'must have' at all. 

Please note: Booksneeze sent me a copy of this book for review.  This review is not influenced by anyone else, it is my own.