Review of The Total Money Makeover By Dave Ramsey

Now this is a must have book!  I love his style of writing - it's just so easy to read and Dave's personality really shows through with no-nonsense directives to get your financial life in order.  Dave himself says it's nothing new, and I guess no, it isn't - however it is presented in a new way with him challenging many of our thinking patterns around money and debt and all things financial.  It's amazing how many things we just accept because we had no reason to question it, and then when a book comes along like this that raises the 'why' questions, it really digs deep and makes you rethink the things you think and deep rooted beliefs regarding money.  I really enjoyed reading this book and will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know. It's a breath of much needed fresh air and I look forward to putting his principles into practice.

Please note: Booksneeze sent me a copy of this book for review. This review is not influenced by anyone else, it is my own.