Review of Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition by DeVries and Madsen

This set would make a fabulous gift! My first impression from the cover is that it is reminiscent of the Madagascar children's movie series type artwork which would immediately appeal to a child, or an adult - I couldn't wait to get it open!  The hard display case contains the Adventure Bible Storybook and also a sleeve which holds two audio CDs which are a narrated version of the Bible Storybook.

I like this a lot.  The stories are very easy to read and interesting, they are different than the Bible in a sense. The writers have done similar to 'The Message' style bible with this and simplified it and put characters in it to get the same message across.  For example it talks about the manna from heaven and introduces it with a little boy catching them on his tongue. This did not bother me at all as it makes it fun for children but still contains the intended messages.

The illustrations are beautiful throughout the book, many times the words of the story are on top of the illustration (like in the sky for example) which I really like. So there aren't too many white pages in it - my five month old was captivated. It covers selective stories from the Old and New Testament and also includes the reference passages where you can find it in the Bible.  Each story has a section that is really a summary of the story and a summary verse which you could easily use as a memory verse - in child friendly wording.

I highly recommend this book!

Please note: Booksneeze sent me a copy of this book for review. This review is not influenced by anyone else, it is my own.