Review of 'Made By God Curious Creatures'

The first thing to garner my interest in this book was the great design, in particular throughout the internal pages: it is really interesting to look through and read with lots of tidbits of information.  All the information is ordered in sections with lots of large photographs of the animals.  They have divided it into these sections:
Rain Forest Friends
Jungle Beastes
Polar Pals
Curious Creatures Downunder
It has a really interesting variety of animals, many that children may not have come across before. Most of it is just factual information about the different animals but I do like that it is written from a Christian worldview meaning references to God such as 'God gave foxes a big bushy tail...' or 'taking care of God's world'.
This is an excellent resource and reference book for children, the words are clear and simple for young readers.