A Review of 'Smart Money Smart Kids' by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze

I just finished this book and am VERY impressed.  What a wealth of vital information that all parents need to know to direct their children to make wise financial decisions through out their lifetimes.  As I real I found myself wishing I had had access to this kind of information earlier in life or as a teen myself so that I would be in a better place now.
Rachel and her Dad both write candidly throughout the book giving very practical advice for training children at different ages.  It's really easy to read and I found it so interesting. In the back they have included some budgetting templates as they encourage parents to start directing teens into learning how to create budget sheets.
I love the idea of the envelopes with Give, Spend, save for younger children.  I also loved how they got their kids cars - by saying they will match whatever they can save and that is what they will use for their car - what a great motivator!  It's great having the perspective from Rachel too as she has experienced all this and grown up with it, so her comments are important.
I'm really excited by the concepts in this book and highly recommend it for everyone to read.