Review of 'Get To Know Jesus' by Nancy I Sanders

It's a compact little book with a really attractive matte style cover design.  The format of this is very child friendly - very easy to read and explanations for words or phrases that they probably don't know eg. Seal - a special kind of lock (in context of Jesus' tomb)
Lots of pictures and interesting facts, diagrams, timelines, maps etc.
It looks at the different aspects of Jesus's life and devotes a chapter to that.  eg A Special Birth, Childhood and Youth, The Teacher, Stories and Parables etc.
This is a great book for school libraries in particular and for homeschooling parents as you could easily build a project around this with all the information it contains.
It's a non-fiction style informational book.
I really like how it's presented and would definitely recommend it.

Please Note: Book Look sent me a copy of this book to review. This review is not influenced by anyone else - it is my own.