Review of The Christmas Story For Children by Lucado, Frazee and Hill

With Max Lucado's name to this I must confess I had high expectations which really were not met at all with this book.  For me the design and illustrations play a big part in my overall impression of a book and for me, the design of this was not appealing at all.  The story is good, a lot of small words on each page though so probably more suited to an older child. It paraphrases scripture all the way to when Jesus starts his ministry and is baptized by John. The art style is almost comic book style and to me the artistic interpretation of the people in the story is not flattering or attractive to look at overly. They look,old and tired, which may be realistic but didn't appeal to me anyway.
I wouldn't recommend this book based on that.

Please note that Booklook sent me a copy of this book to review, the opinions and reviews are my own.