Review of 'The Legend of St Nicholas' be Dandi Daley Mackall

I was excited to receive this book as Ive heard bits of this story before and thought it would be valuable to get perspective right at christmas for my kids regarding who Santa was and get the focus back on Jesus.  This book, while beautifully illustrated, disappointed me in the actual story part. To me it seemed disjointed and perhaps might have been better filled out a bit more at the beginning part about St Nick and his time with his parents for example.  I thought the story around it also was unnecessary and unrealistic, the characters didn't really come to life in a realistic way. I wish it had been a story about St Nick and not had the modern day part in as that would have gotten the point across more effectively and would have been more pages for extra fill in about St Nick.  Overall I feel this is poorly written. I wouldn't recommend this book.

Please note Booklook sent me a copy to review however this review is my own.