Review of Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Wow! What an impressive book! With a well designed hard cover, it is around two inches thick and jam packed with very interesting information. Though it is called illustrated, there weren't as many illustrations as I expected but then again it is also a dictionary. I found it interesting at the beginning how it shows the reader how to integrate this dictionary into their daily Bible study. I had never thought of using it this way before but what a great idea as it certainly is rich in thoughts surrounding Biblical things.
The first section is what is called a 'Visual survey of the Bible' which is thirteen sections of charts, maps and illustrations. There is a beautifully colored timeline of Bible history. Following that is the dictionary and then full color maps at the end.
I am excited about the potential of this dictionary for our family in the future when our children are old enough to use it, already my husband is addicted to it also and as a seminary student, he highly  recommends it.
Overall, don't hesitate on this one! It is a fantastic resource for the home. I highly recommend it!

Please note that Booklook sent me a copy of this to review. The review is completely my own.