Review of The Beginners Bible Come Celebrate Easter Sticker and Activity Book

While only a book of 8 pages plus a middle spread of stickers, this book is still full of Easter focussed activities for children.   It starts by introducing Jesus as the Son Of God and the activity on that page is coloring.  The next page is when Jesus enters Jerusalem and the activity is using the stickers to put the palm branches in the peoples hands (the palm branches are already outlined where they should go). It also asks which of three animals did Jesus ride on as he entered the city also.

The next page looks like a jigsaw puzzle and directs to find the stickers that correctly match to make up the puzzle.  It is talking about Jesus betrayal and also has the number 30 for children to trace as how many coins Judas got for betraying Jesus.  The Garden of Gethsemane is next and is a coloring page with a question to count the stars and flowers in the picture also.  Next is when Jesus was taken and how the disciples ran away and has an outline of the word RAN for children to draw over then try writing themselves.  It also asks to circle words below that rhyme with ran.  The next page when Jesus was taken to the church leaders is a spot the difference between two pictures and a question.

Then Carrying the cross comes next and it has an order the scenes of what happened first - made up of four pictures and a word search. The word search has six words and all but one are found across.
The sticker page is next then a very sad day which is a color page and also adding stickers and drawing a little. Following is a picture of the soldiers guarding the tomb and stickers need to be added. A dot to dot activity is on the third day picture which is next. The angel at the tomb is on the next page with a key code activity and then Jesus is Alive is on the next page and its a maze. Next is Jesus appearing to the disciples and involves stickers and drawing.  Empty Nets follows with stickers and Jesus' name outlined to be drawn over.  The final page is Jesus returning to heaven and is a color by number.

I'm impressed with the variation of activities in this book. It's fairly simple, I would guess ages 5-6 would love this most.  I definitely would recommend it, it would be a great gift for Easter baskets  with Christ centered activities.

Please note Booklook sent me a copy of this book for review however this review is entirely my own.