Review of Believe Kids Edition by Randy Frazee

My first impression - I love the image on the front of Jesus with his hand toward the reader like He is inviting them in to spend time with him. Love it! Great concept. While the cover design is great, on an aesthetic level the pages are printed on like a newsprint and the illustrations are outlined style like comics without coloration. I would love to see this on higher quality paper with colored illustrations personally to do this book the justice it deserves.

Now onto the actual content.  I am really impressed! This is a really amazing book/ devotional that breaks things down in a readable and easily understood method.  It is divided into three sections which are 1. Think - What Do I Believe?  2. Act - What Should I do?  3. Be - Who Am I Becoming?
The Think section has ten chapters dealing with the foundations of belief from a scriptural perspective. It speaks of God, the Church, Humanity and Eternity for example in different chapters.  The chapters all end with Discussion Questions too.

The Act section talks about how we live our faith, praying, worshipping, tithing and giving for example.  And finally the Be section covers the fruit of the spirit.

The chapters will bring in relevant scriptures from the Old and New Testament as relevant also.

I am just so impressed with this book and highly recommend it!  It is a must have for all children and would be great to be done with parents in a family devotional time too to really establish a foundation in truth.

Please note: Booklook sent me a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review, this review is entirely my own.