Review of The Legend of The Christmas Cookie by Dandi Daley Mackall

Another fantastic legend of Christmas book! I have previously read the Candy Cane and enjoyed that so was full of expectation when this new book arrived and I was not disappointed. I love traditions at christmas time as they fill us with great memories of family fun together and this book introduces yet another great tradition to add to our repertoire. The illustrations by Richard Cowdrey are absolutely gorgeous! The book is like a work of art and a real visual treat.

The story is about a young boy who is living in hard times financially and his father had to leave town for work.  He discovered his mother making cookies one day and to his disappointment discovered he couldn't have one as they were for poor people at church.  On christmas morning his mother presented him with one cookie she had saved for him and then they had a knock on the door. It was someone needing some food, they gave him some food and then the little boy realized that this was his opportunity to share about Jesus and so he gave the man his cookie and told him the christmas story.

I love the concept of cookies to share the story of Jesus! I have not heard of that before and since seeing it and so inspired.  The cookie mold designs in the story are absolutely exquisite and I have been trawling the internet for hours since reading this book to see if I can find anything like them. I haven't found anything however I have written to the author directly to ask if they don't exist maybe the possibility of having a set made to go with the book as it would make an amazing christmas gift.

I definitely recommend this book - it is fantastic to have books that encourage children to look to others and help them, and share and also to tell about Jesus as that's what the season is all about in the end.  And if they put out the molds - make sure you get a set of them too - they will be heirlooms to pass on for sure.

Please note: Booklook sent me a copy of this book for review but the opinions expressed are entirely my own.