Review of 'Rest Assured' by Vicki Courtney

The title of this book and the cover have been drawing me ever since it arrived in the mail - calling me to find the time to stop and get into the revelations within.  It's like it's telling me if I can quiet myself enough then rest is assured!  I guess I really needed to read this book - but then who doesn't in this fast paced society we live in many of us addicted to phones and the internet as our pseudo social lives and means of networking and connecting with friends and family around the world.  For me it's a love/hate relationship.  So I picked up this book with a sense of hope of what revelations may lie within for me.

This book is divided into two parts which are as follows: (taken from the book)
An intervention for our issues:  The Badge of Busyness, The Exhausting Pursuit of Happiness, Tethered Souls, Worried Sick.
The second part provides a plan to help us recover our sanity and our lives: Prioritize the One Thing Needed - Time for God, Create Room To Breathe - time for solitude, Give yourself a Break - time for leisure, Pay it forward- time for others.
Each chapter has a section at the end called 'Rest Stop with some questions to consider and applications.

There is a lot of valuable content in this book - for me it's the kind of book I need to get away and really focus and not flip through like other books, so that I don't miss something.  For me the practical suggestions and challenges were really helpful and I intend to do further study into this book and reread it a few times to really glean as much as I can get out of it. For me it has touched on something that has been bothering me for quite a while and not known how to deal with.  The need to be still these days and get away is a hard thing to do - especially when you have children - but it is necessary and beneficial in so many ways.  This book offers a way, an escape, practical ideas and suggestions and reasons why you need to do this.  I know I need to do it, I've known for a long time... but this book is just what I need to kick start this once and for all and I hope it helps you out there too!

Please note Booklook sent me a copy of this book for my honest review - this review is entirely my own.