Review of Waiting here For You An Advent Journey Of Hope by Louie Giglio

I so wish I had this book for advent just gone by! I was looking for something like this as I'm the person that loves having an advent calendar and really maximizing the season to it's fullest with a focus on Jesus' birth. This is what I was looking for. A beautiful designed book - it is fairly small to hold but the graphic design is just so beautiful and carries on throughout the pages giving it a very modern, contemporary styling.  Would be a perfect book to gift and I fully intend to buy more for next advent 2016 I love it so much!

There is an introductory chapter and then it actually begins November 26th with a scripture, meditation, reflection and prayer. This is not long at all - you could read the whole lot in a few minutes - though probably better to let it sink it especially the meditation and prayer part - but this isn't something you need to carve out a lot of time for in an already busy season.

It takes you all the way to Dec 24th and then has an extra chapter to finish off what was started in the introduction chapter.

I love this! I highly recommend it to everyone looking for something to really bring focus at christmas time and an opportunity to centre in on the real reason for it all and find a quiet place amidst it all.

Please note: Booklook sent me a copy of this book for my review - however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.