Review of 'Modern Printmaking - A Guide To Traditional and Digital Techniques' by Sylvie Covey

On receiving this book I was surprised at its hefty size, for some reason I wasn't expecting a book so large and yet this is by no means a negative! At 308 pages this book can hold it's own and is an amazing resource for anyone interested in printmaking. Having studied Printmaking as part of my Fine Art Degree I was excited to revisit so many of the techniques I had learned about and also discover so many more that I was unaware of.  

Covey presents this book in an easily readable style - going through the various styles and discussing their history, terminology, processes and then profiles a printmaker who specializes in that particular technique.  The book is full of photographs of prints and illustrations of techniques or tools etc. It is just so thorough!

She covers: relief printing, woodblock printing, linoleum block printing, intaglio, non-acid intaglio, acid intaglio, Collography, Photo-etching and photogravure, lithography, serigraphy, chine-colle, mixed media, digital transfers and post-digital graphics

The type is quite small throughout this book - that would be my only slight negative however as that may be a problem for some.  Overall the layout of the book is very easy to read and the formatting reminds me of a school text book.

For me, I'm excited to have this as there are elements of printmaking I want to revisit and this saves me trying to search out my Uni notes as her steps in the process will be enough to remind me when I want to get back into it. 

Please note I received this book from Blogging For Books program in exchange for my review - however this review is entirely my own.