Review of 'The Flower Workshop' by Ariella Chezar

As someone who has long admired flower arranging and often wanted to find the time to learn - this book is an absolute goldmine!  To look at this book is gorgeous, hard bound, matte, with a stunning floral arrangement on the top and the title letterpressed into the cover - just stunning. The artist in me wants to put this book on display!  The book itself continues the beautiful photography and arrangements and page design - this book seriously would make a fantastic gift! I know I would be so excited if someone gave this to me! I got this for myself and I'm still excited!

Content wise this book takes you through topics such as 'The Art of Painterly Arrangements', 'Essential Techniques and Tools', 'Living with Flowers' and discusses things such as how floristry is much like painting a picture in a sense in that it's about the colors and tones you are putting together to create it.  She discusses using fruit and berries, branches, seasonal flower guide and the best bit of all - she shows you how to make different arrangements!

Laid out like recipes Ariella has created a cocktail of creativity with flowers in the back - so easy to

follow and do!  She lists all you need and then goes through step by step on what to do.  Also included are how to make a marigold curtain, a stunning wreath, a gorgeous fruit garland, bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquets!  The pictures of the bouquets, well, everything she makes look like they are from a five star event or Downton Abbey or something very high class - the kind of flower arrangements that most of us never get to have except for weddings, just due to their extreme costs.

Very very excited about this book and can't wait to get an opportunity to make these. Once I do I will definitely report back on how it goes and try to post a pic!

Highly recommend this book for all interested in floristry, nature or just creativity in general!

Please note that Blogging For Books sent me a copy of this book for my review however my opinions expressed are entirely my own.