Review of 'I Can Learn To Pray' by Holly Hawkins Shivers

This is a great little devotional! I'd say probably for children aged 5 and up.  One thing I really like about this book is that each section is for a week so you could break it up through the week or just focus on the prayer each day and if you miss a day or two it's not a problem either.  The entire focus of the book is on prayer and training children how to pray by taking them through various aspects.

Section One covers learning to pray and has weeks focussed on knowing God, needing God, praying in secret, using Jesus' name, creating a habit of prayer etc.  Section Two covers being thankful in your prayers and about the different things we can be thankful for when we pray. Section Three is about praising God when you pray and looking into the reasons we can praise God and focussing on how awesome He is.  Section Four is prayers for forgiveness looking at how to say sorry, identifying sins and being forgiving. Section Five focusses on praying for help for others and for wisdom - this also includes help generally for the country, for the lost, for the hungry etc. Section Six is about how to listen to God - being still before him.  Section Seven is the prayers that Jesus prayed

This book is a true training manual and I haven't seen anything else like it this far.  A valuable resource for all parents training their children in the way they should go.  I really like how Holly has broken down the sections - to me, they make a lot of sense and are very thorough.  It reminds even as an adult that we have so much to pray for, we should never be at a lack of inspiration!

I would definitely recommend this book!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for my review from Booklook - however this review is entirely my own.