Review of 'Seven Days Of Awesome' by Shawn Byous

I love this book!  This is like a Dr Seuss style with the sense of the fantastical (and what better to describe the God of the universe!) and fun rhyming throughout.  I love how it describes creation giving it the wonder and awesomeness it truly deserves!  

Here's an example:
"If it wasn't for dark, you'd sleep in the light! So the light He called Day, and the dark He called night."

It is quite a large, hardcover book with matching cover design on the dust jacket. It is a little over 10 inches square in size.  The colors and illustrations are very bright and full of action - also very engaging like the text.

The characters are the red haired older man in the green suit jacket who is the narrator and he is talking to the two children and showing them all God's wonders.

I recommend this book and sincerely hope that Shawn Byous creates a whole lot more in this style as he is definitely onto something. This is unlike any other christian picture book I've seen this far.

Please note that Booklook sent me a copy of this book for my review - however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.