Review of “The Gingerbread Baby’ by Jan Brett

In the same size, landscape style board book as ‘The Mitten’, this book also contains the most outstanding illustrations. The decorative borders and pictures showing other scenes happening simultaneously on the side are just  stunning.  

I was looking for a story of the gingerbread man for my two year old when I stumbled upon this.  While it’s another version of the original, it is still just as delightful.  This story is about the gingerbread baby who escapes the oven and runs through the village with a whole lot of people chasing him.  The boy whose oven he jumped out of was working in the mean time, while everyone else chased the gingerbread baby, on something which turns out to be a gingerbread house which he captures the gingerbread baby in.  

Cute little story.  I confess I bought this book for the illustrations alone - but the story is fun too. 

I would definitely recommend this book.