Review of 'The Illustrated Compendium Of Amazing Animal Facts' by Maja Safstrom

Once again, I find myself looking at a book that is more a piece of art - it is so beautiful! Even the hard cover, with linen like feel and letter-pressed title, (indented when you run your fingers over it) and color choices, and design - all of it greatly appeals to draw you in.

The entire book is a total delight to the eyes! It's all black and white line style drawings throughout.  The animal facts are very interesting also.  This book is a perfect gift book for the coffee table. While it features one or two facts on average on 55 different animals, this is not really to be considered a serious resource book.  It's more an art book/ interesting light read book for the coffee table or to be displayed.  The book would be suitable for all ages.

I love it!  And would definitely not hesitate to recommend it.

Please note Blogging For Books sent me a copy of this to review, however this review is entirely my own.