Review of 'The Mine-O-Saur' by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

This book was sent to my son as part of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library monthly book.  This is another book where the art is just fabulous.  A Hardcover book, the story goes to tell of a dinosaur called a Mine-O-Saur who always took the toys away from everyone else saying they are 'mine'.  His friends got upset every time he did it and eventually decided they didn't want to play with him or the toys anymore.  The Mine-O-Saur played happily by himself with all the toys for a while until he realized there was no one around to see what he was doing and he felt lonely.  He realized he wanted his friends to play with him as well and had to share.

A cute story with a fun angle of a well covered topic of sharing.  Important lesson for little ones - I'd definitely recommend this! Especially for little boys that love dinosaurs!

Please note: It does make toddlers say the word 'mine' if they don't already!