Review of ‘Shh! We Have a Plan’ by Chris Haughton

I have to admit, on picking this book up at Barnes and Noble, the artist in me fell instantly in love.  This book has one of the coolest design’s and color scheme’s that I’ve seen - more like a piece of art!  There is actually a demo of how Chris actually did these illustrations with cut outs on his website too.

The story is really simple but so cute about a bunch of friends trying to catch the pretty pink bird.  The little one other ideas about how they should do it and eventually he sneaks off and offers the birds some food and they all come.  The friends are ready to start catching these birds when the birds gang up on them and scare them off.  So the friends look for something else to catch and see a squirrel and there the story ends.  

My two year old likes this story, it is simple enough for him to follow and know whats going on and he also likes the colors and loves the birds.  I absolutely love this book and would have bought it for the design alone even if I had kids!

I most definitely recommend this book!