Review of "Design Mom" by Gabrielle Stanley Blair

have been following Gabrielle as 'Design Mom' on Facebook and became aware of her book.  Excited to discover my local library had it, I practically devoured it!  I love how Gabrielle has organized this book - room by room. She discusses ideas and tips for each area.  It is so inspiring!  Her ideas and tips are practical and yet contemporary and fresh!

My only complaint is the images don't seem to match up to the content a lot of the time.  I would have liked to have seen image examples of what she was talking about rather than just what seemed to be stock images of well designed rooms.  Since the book was personal, I would have loved more personal type photos.

I did enjoy the sections she put through the book 'In The Blair Household'.  I also really liked all of the DIY ideas she had scattered through the book also!

I would definitely recommend this book!  I took pages of notes and came out of it so inspired!  I love books like this!