Review of 'Mornings With Tozer Daily Devotional Readings' A.W.Tozer. Compiled by Gerald B. Smith

 This is a paperback edition with nice cover design and layout.  The pages within are divided into months and there is a devotion for every day. Each day is around three short paragraphs of Tozer's teaching with a scripture and a prayer.  Each page is dated also e.g.  April 29.

The teachings of Tozer throughout the majority of this devotional are encouraging people to return to holiness, to not be taken in by the things surrounding them.  Each days devotion is a quick, easy read. Not too deep or overly intense.  I was actually hoping it would be a bit deeper than it is.  Then again it wasn't originally spoken by Tozer in the context of a short devotion - it's just excerpts from messages that were spoken that have been divided up into devotions.  I guess I prefer a complete thought in a devotional - whereas this doesn't come across like that for me.

While I like Tozer's teaching, I am not a big fan of this devotional.  I wish there was more to it, it just seems to be missing something for me.

Please note I was sent a copy of this book for the purposes of review. This review is entirely my own.