Review of 'Reclaiming Surrendered Ground' by Jim Logan

I am very excited for the opportunity to review this book.  As someone who has been exposed to much of this teaching in the past, it has been a long time since I have seen something new and fresh written on the subject of spiritual warfare.

Jim Logan was actually approached by Moody Publishers to write this book.  Not considering himself a writer he initially declined, till he realized the need to get this information out there.  He has been doing spiritual warfare counseling with Christians for over ten years, claiming it's not something he was looking for as a super conservative. However, God has been powerfully using him in it and I'm so glad he took the time to write this book which will reach far more people than he can alone.

The book is very logically laid out and easy to read.  It is divided into three parts: Becoming Alert To The Battle,  Part 2: Giving Ground, Reclaiming Ground and Park 3:Staying Free.  He has sections for husbands, wives and also children.  Dealing with pride, unforgiveness, sexual bondage, pride, bitterness, curses, and also the dangers of dabbling in occultic things.

This is an incredible book and resource and I would highly recommend it for every Christian family to read and to become vigilant in.  I love how in each section he outlines a practical plan to get that out of your life also. Ignorance might be bliss in some scenarios but in this case ignorance robs and harms.

Please note I was sent a copy of this book for my review - this review is entirely my own.