Review of 'Give Your Child The World' by Jamie. C. Martin

I was so excited to get hold of this book after hearing so much about it.  I must say, what a valuable and important resource for all parents!  Jamie has presented a wealth of information here and created a go-to resource for parents to choose appropriate, educational, literature books for their children.

The book begins giving some of Jamie's background and her passion for the world and for books.   She provides some great ideas on how to integrate reading into your children's daily lives, and fostering in them a love of books.  And then the book lists begin.  Now, these are not just random lists. These are purposely selected by Jamie for their quality and for their educational value in exposing your children to other cultures.  The chapters for the reading lists are as follows:  Multicultural Books, Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Latin America, Oceania and Polar. Divided into age groups, each title also has a summary and suggestions of how to use it with your children.  There are also snippets throughout of how other families give the children the world in their home throughout.

As someone who has travelled a lot, like Jamie, this really hits home for me.  It is so important to
raise children with an awareness of the world around them, and of how blessed they are.  There is so much to learn from every culture of the world.  This book makes it very easy for parents!  You could easily choose an area of the world per month, for example, and order the books from Jamie's carefully compiled list, for your age group of children, and your culture for that month. Easy!  Then just peruse Jamie's other ideas - like eating food from that region and decorating from that region and you've created a really fun experience for your children.  I love the idea of how sponsoring children works in with that also.

I'm excited about this list, and this direction provided, of quality books to start collecting for our personal library also.  I  would definitely recommend this book.

Please note that Booklook provided me a copy of this book for my review, however, this review is entirely my own.