Review of 'Punderdome' A Card Game by Jo and Fred Firestone

I don't usually, well, I have never reviewed a game before as this is a Book Review blog, however, I was sent this for review from a Book Publisher so here goes! The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I have to say this game has fabulously designed packaging.  Very compact and well designed, just generally very pleasing to the eye.  What immediately caught my eye is that this game is actually based on a live Game Show from Brooklyn, New York.

To play it is very straight forward.  You need a minimum of three people, one of which is labelled a 'prompter' for the round. The prompter picks up two cards, and reads a quick pun question.  The player who responds the quickest with a pun connecting the two cards wins extra seconds for the next round.  The next round the prompter selects a green and a white card and players have 90 seconds to write down a pun combining both topics.  The best pun, as chosen by the prompter rewards the player with the pair of cards. The winner of the round becomes the new prompter.

The objective of the game is to win the mystery envelope prize by being the first player/team to obtain ten pairs of cards.  The mystery envelopes are included.

The game comes with the sets of cards, 2 note pads, 2 mystery envelopes and envelope prize cards.  An instruction card and a tips card are also included.

While it takes a bit to get into the idea of puns - once you play it a bit you really get going and it is a lot of fun.  This would be a great game to play with more than three people too.  Some of the puns are so ridiculous, but it's all for a good laugh - which we cannot do too much of in my opinion!

I would definitely recommend this game!