Review of 'Come To The Family Table' by Ted and Amy Cunningham

This book is a good, easy read!  I could tell from the tag line on the cover 'Slowing down to enjoy food, each other, and JESUS' that this book was going to be interesting.  Written by Ted and Amy Cunningham of Branson, I actually lived in Branson and went to their church so am well familiar with their writing talents and history.

It is divided into two parts:  Part 1 The Family Table is for us and Part 2 The Family Table is for others.  It includes ideas for easy games and things you can do as a family at the table as well as some of their family recipes throughout.

For me, this book was very reminiscent of Sally Clarkson's 'The Lifegiving Home'.  Sally's book goes much more in depth about this whole theme, as she looks at bringing this warmth to the family table and every aspect of the whole home. The Cunningham's book brings their own flavor specifically dealing with the family table.  It is very simple, easy ideas, and quick to read.   They share a lot of personal stories throughout, of their own and other's experiences around the family table.

I did enjoy this book and the ideas within.  I have to say, having recently read Sally Clarkson's book mentioned above, which deals with all the content of this book also, and takes it so much further and deeper than they have, my preference would be more for Sally's if you had to choose between the two.  To me her book is the foundation and this book adds to that.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.