Review of the Precious Moments 'Happy Harvest' book by Jean Fischer

This book has a padded cover, it is small in size and good for little hands to hold.  It has a lot of pages for a board book - which impressed me. Precious Moments style illustrations grace each page along with a topic and small verse.

As an example the book starts with the heading 'Seasons' and this verse under it 'Winter, spring, summer, fall - It was God who made them all! Give thanks to Him for every reason. That you love each special season'.  That particular verse is a little vague - I get the impression they were trying so hard to rhyme that any specific meaning got lost?  Especially the line 'That you love each special season' isn't a complete sentence and it also doesn't seem to connect to the one above?  Anyway moving on.

The next adjacent page is entitled 'Autumn' and then 'Hurray for Autumn! Get up and shout. What's it about? Stand up and cheer. Autumn is here!' and that is followed by Ecclesiastes 3:1 in reference to everything having it's season.  Again as you can see the rhyming and message is just ok.

The book talks about Autumn themes such as leaves, marshmallows, campfires, harvest moons, scarecrows, school, pumpkins, hayrides, turkeys and thanksgiving.

While this book is sweet to look at, I'm not overly impressed with the content enough to recommend this.  If you only care for the illustrations then this book is lovely.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review however the opinions expressed are my own.