Review of "8 Simple Tools For Raising Great Kids" by Dr. Todd Cartmell

 This is a great little book, full of helpful parenting information and packaged in such a way that as a busy parent, it is doable to read.  He has broken down each thought into small chapters of just a page or two with an encouraging tip at the end - which really summarizes the chapter for you.

Dr. Todd Cartmell is a clinical child psychologist and this is one of at least three other books he has written.  I like his manner throughout the books - it is encouraging and simple and very empowering. He highlights his points with real life style examples to illustrate each concept, which definitely adds more interest factor and relatability to it.

At the end of each chapter he also has included a 'consider tip' which basically is just bringing it back to you to apply to your life.  In most cases it is just a few questions to get you thinking about what you are currently doing and how you can be better.

These are the areas he covers in the contents:
1. Talking
2. Listening
3. Influencing
4. Connecting
5. Teaching
6. Encouraging
7. Correcting
8. Leading

This book is really valuable. Full of time tested wisdom and ways to really fine tune your parenting to be the best you can be and to bring out the best in your children.  Often we do things and aren't even aware that we do them or how they are affecting our children.

I would recommend this book.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however this review is entirely my own.