Review of "The Low-Pressure Guide to Parenting Your Preschooler" by Tim Sanford

This book is a wealth of good, quality, information for parents - it isn't overwhelming either!  Tim aims to break things down - first of all he deals with job descriptions.  He looks at some of the pressures of parenting, with thoughts such as 'It's your job to make sure your child turns out right' that plagues all parents in the back of their minds.  To that, Tim states that it is not actually our job and in the same way it's not our job to make sure everything is done perfectly either.

He follows that looking into gender roles and their importance, he discusses single parenting, and stress traps we get caught in as parents.

I found his 'Three Rules of Life' an interesting way to deal with certain situations with your children.  They are::

Rule 1: You Live and Die By Your Own Choices
Rule 2: You can choose 'Smart' or choose 'stupid'
Rule 3: Somebody or something will make your life miserable when you choose stupid
He goes into further examples about how this works in the book.

Tim also looks into balancing voice and safety, control and responsibility, how to make good rules, consequences, respect, anger and worry.  All valid topics for all parents out there with really practical discussion on all of these.

As a parent myself I found this book very helpful and would recommend it!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my review - however my review is entirely my own.


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