Review of 'One Small Donkey' by Dandi Daley Mackall

I was very excited to receive this book because for a start I love the cover illustration style and secondly I have reviewed Dandi's books before and always loved them.  However I have to admit the story really let me down in this one.  I absolutely LOVE the art work throughout,  Marta is an incredible illustrationist and her work really shines in this book.

The biggest issue I have is the whole rhyming meter. It isn't right throughout with the syllable count to make the rhyme really work seamlessly and each stanza seems to operate to a different syllable count and meter creating a discord in pattern.  You notice this when it is read aloud moreso. That really bothers me a lot.  I wish Dandi had not made it a rhyming book now, after reading this, because to me it takes away from the story when the rhyme isn't quite right - the message isn't as effective.  I think the angle of the story is sweet. It reminds me of the christmas song 'Little Donkey Little Donkey' which I haven't thought of in years!

I'm also not so sure that snowflakes falling to whiten the promised land is overly accurate either?

I am disappointed with this book, I must admit. I had high hopes and expectations.  The artwork is the best part of this book.  I wouldn't recommend this book.

Please note that I received this book in return for my review, however the opinions expressed are my own.