Review of 'Possible A Blueprint For Changing How We Change The World' by Stephan Bauman

I am thrilled to review this book, personally knowing Stephan and Belinda Bauman from years back in ministry, they are a fantastic couple.  This book does not disappoint.  Very easy to read, the book is divided into three parts.  Part one is about recovering our call, Part two is about reframing the problem and part three is about remaking the world.

Based on many years of experience and wisdom Stephan writes candidly and convincingly on the needs still out there, and how we can make a difference with our lives.  This book stirs up the reader into action, challenging them to go places and do things they have not done before for the cause.

Stephan leads the reader through a process of finding their own passion, widow, vision and fellowship of friends to create a vision map. This vision map leads to a preferred picture of your future.  From there you can write your vision statement and so on.

I am just so inspired by their stories and influence, and reminded of the passion that radiates from them.  For me the insights into their life, and the things they have encountered, were so interesting. The two of them have such a wealth of compassion and love for people.  They are truly a blessing.

I would most definitely recommend this book!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my review however my review is my own.