Review of 'When Others Shuddered' by Jamie Janosz

This book is a great compilation of stories of some great women in history 'who refused to give up'.  A very easy to read book, Jamie has captured the lives of these women so well and sharing their not so well known stories.  The eight women this book delves into are as follows:

Fanny Crosby: the writer of many great hymns, one well known is 'Blessed Assurance'.

Emeline E Dryer: Worked with Moody to establish Moody Bible Institute

Nancy McCormick: Used her wealth to support religious and educational institutions

Sarah Dunn Clarke: Started up a mission to help people in Chicago and brought many to Christ

Amanda Smith: An African American preacher and evangelist

Virginia Asher: Ministered to lost women in the city and was their advocate

Evangeline Booth: Brought the Salvation Army to USA ministering greatly across the country.

Mary McLeod Bethune: Worked on behalf of the African American people in USA to improve their lives/skills/opportunities.

Also included are notes for further discussion on each woman at the end of the book.

Interestingly most of these stories are directly linked to the ministry of Dwight L. Moody in some way.  They were all in the same era, so I guess that is easily explainable..

I really enjoyed this glimpse into these women's lives and the impact they had in their time. It is always great to hear of others lives, their determination and what they achieved.  The struggles they overcame also are remarkable.  I found this book very inspiring.

Please note that I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review however this review is entirely my own.